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Wire Rope Clips(Clamp): Which including Galvanised wire Rope clips Standard of DIN741, Heavy duty DIN1142 and US type F-G 450 Made by malleable casted. Also Toolee Supply a wide range for drop forged Wire rope Thimble, that is amercian standard of FF-C-450 type 1 class 1, european type forged clips, italy type forged clips. Stainless Steel Wire rope Clips are avaiable. At the same time, We supply the full range for Wire Rope Thimble Fitted together with Wire Rope Thimbles with Loop.

A wire rope clamp, also called a clip, is used to fix the loose end of the loop back to the wire rope. It usually consists of a u-shaped bolt, a forged or cast saddle(body) and two nuts. The two layers of wire rope are placed in the u-bolt. The saddle is then fitted over the ropes on to the bolt (the saddle includes two holes to fit to the u-bolt). The nuts secure the arrangement in place. Three or more clamps are usually used to terminate a wire rope.

Tube Thimble with Gusset, Stainless Steel

Fist Clips, Drop Forged, Toolee Made

Stainless Tube Thimble without Gusset Type2

Galvanised Simplex Wire Rope Clips, - Toolee

Stainless Tubular-Tube Thimble without Gusset

Galvanised Duplex Wire Rope Clips,- Toolee

Tubular-Tube Thimble with Gusset Type2, Welded

Wire Rope Clips EN13411-5,Malleable,TOOLEE made

DIN 3091 Ductile Iron Thimble,Made by Toolee

Wire Rope Clips, Drop Forged, American Type G450

DIN 3091 Cast Solid Thimble

Clips,Wire Rope Clips, Drop Forged, Italy Type

BS464 Wire Rope Thimble

US Type Malleable Wire Rope Clips

US Type Open Pattern Thimble

Galv. Malleable Wire Rope Clip Din 741

Galvanised Thimble Commercial Type

Galv. Malleable Wire Rope Clip Din 1142

Galvanised Thimble Commercial European Type

Galv. Malleable Wire Rope Clip Type A

Galvanised Thimble DIN 6899 Type A

Galv. Malleable Wire Rope Clip Type B

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