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Sling Hooks, The Hook Using For Lifting Sling, As a End Fitting. The Sling Hook Have Various Type, Eye Type, Clevis Type, The Eye Type Sling Hook Should Connecting with A Connector link to connecting with the Chain, and the Clevis Type can Fitted the Chain directly with a Bolt and Pin. The Sling hook Mainly Fitted with The Chain Sling and Wire Rope Sling, For connecting with Wire Rope Sling, you Must use a Connecting Link. And The Sling hooks Latch have three type: Forged Latch, Cast Latch and Steel Latch. Forged Latch and Cast Latch Alway fitted with Heavy Duty Type Hook.

Eye Safety Hook New Type,Self Locking Latch

Eye Sling Hook, Grade 80 Alloy Steel

Eye Sling Hook, New Type with Latch

Eye Sling Hook With Forged Latch,French Type

Slip Hook with Latch, Eye Type

Slip Hook,European Eye Type With Latch

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